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Transparent Labs Advisory Board and Panel of Experts

Transparent Labs is dedicated to providing science backed products and formulations.

Sound cliché? Let us explain...

Some products are shams. Snake oil. Over promising and underdelivering. The supplement industry is ripe with unethical companies and dishonest sales tactics. But some products, formulations, ingredients, herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements can have statistically provable benefits, that can have dramatic impacts on your health and fitness goals. 

Most people think the name Transparent Labs originated from our "transparent" labeling/ingredient profiles, but really, it's much more than that. We set out to be completely transparent in our claims as well. 

Each benefit associated with each ingredient in every product we sell is linked to clinically published research, for completely independent review. 

We do not, have not, and will not sponsor ingredient studies because of the obvious bias that presents. 

At Transparent Labs, we let the ingredients and the associated evidence behind those ingredients, do the talking. 


The Advisory Board

Studies, as clean and unbiased as they are intended to be, can often be miss interpreted or skewed.

In effort to maintain objectivity in our writing, the claims we make on behalf of our products, etc, we put together a panel of experts to review, critique, and substantiate our presented information.  

The following board members are independent reviewers, outside of the Transparent Labs Team. Some of the reviewers, but not all, write for us, and can be found on specific articles in the author profile.


Kya Kraus, MPH

Kya Kraus Kya Kraus received her undergraduate degree in Exercise & Wellness and became a NASM certified personal trainer in 2012. She went on to earn a Master's of Public Health from the University of Southern California and was inducted into the Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. During her time at USC she led a public health research study in Ghana. She is passionate about healthy living and the importance of an active lifestyle. When she's not chasing her little one, she enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, exercising, and reading. 


Monique L. Middlekauff, PhD, RECP, CSCS

Monique Middlekauff has a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Utah. She is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (RCEP) through the ACSM, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA. Monique is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) through the AHA and is recognized as a Higher Education Teaching Specialist (HETS) through the CTLE. As a former NCAA DI athlete, she enjoys high intensity training and experimenting with new exercise science techniques. Monique lives in Idaho and enjoys boating and exploring outdoors.  


Dr. Allan Bacon,

dr Bacon Dr. Allan Bacon has 10 years of experience in patient care in the medical field, over 10 years of experience in research and formulation in the supplement industry, is an experienced NASM-certified personal trainer and lifetime bodybuilder.  In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, photography, sports/athletics, hanging out with his wife and dog, bodybuilding, writing, and reading.  If you are interested in seeing more original work from Dr. Bacon, you can head over to his personal webpage at or follow him on Instagram.


Markita Lewis MS, RD

Markita Lewis MS, RD is a registered dietitian currently practicing in Los Angeles, CA. She earned her undergraduate degree at Louisiana State University, and completed her graduate degree and dietetic internship at the University of Georgia. Markita has experience in research, clinical nutrition, nutrition education, and event planning. As a dietitian, she has an interest not only in the biological components of food, but also the social and cultural contributions of food to nutrition.Markita enjoys writing about general nutrition and wellness, food justice and food policy, cultural foodways, mental health, and the psychology of food and nutrition. In her free time, Markita writes for her personal blog

marketa lewis 


Lauren Panoff, MPH, RD

Lauren Panoff Lauren is a dietitian who specializes in plant-based living and vegan and vegetarian diets for all ages. She holds a Master of Public Health degree with a focus on nutrition and environmental health. Having taken the plant-based plunge in 2013, and since then raising a thriving vegan family, Lauren has learned a lot about veganism for all ages, as well as the connection between food, health, the planet and all of its inhabitants. Lauren now works to spread the word about veganism and help make it a feasible, sustainable, and enjoyable lifestyle for even the busiest of families. Find Lauren at or on Instagram @chronicplanet.


Clark Oakey, M.S.

While earning a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in biology, Clark played collegiate rugby for the #1 D1A program in the country. After graduation, he chose to work towards earning a Master of Science (M.S.) Degree in Biological Sciences at The University of Tulsa. Upon completion of his M.S. degree, he pursued an MBA postgraduate degree at Texas Tech University, where his emphasis of study was STEM (Science, Technology, engineering, and mathematics) business development. In his free time he enjoys playing rugby and running triathlons.  Clark


Emily Hirsch, MS, RD 

Emily Hirsch  Emily is a registered dietitian in the Charlotte, NC area with over twelve years of experience. She received her undergraduate degree in dietetics from the University of Rhode Island and her masters of science in nutrition education from California State University, Chico. Emily began her career as a clinical dietitian in New York City. In addition to her work at major hospitals in the New York City area, Emily was a regular contributor to “Heart and Health Reports”, a monthly newsletter widely distributed by practicing cardiologists. Emily strives to bring lackluster research to life in her writing on various health and wellness topics.


Elliot Reimers, CNC, M.S. Candidate

Elliot is a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and M.S. candidate in the Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology program at Michigan State University. After obtaining his B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Minnesota in 2013, Elliot began freelance writing and has since written 100s of articles pertaining to nutritional science, dietary supplements, exercise physiology, and health/wellness. As an inveterate “science nerd,” he loves helping people understand how nutrients, supplements, and exercise work on a cellular and molecular level so they can be smarter about what they put in - and do to - their bodies. When he's not busy writing or studying, you can find Elliot pumping iron, hiking the mountains of beautiful Colorado, or playing the piano.