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Certificate of Composition

At Transparent Labs, we strive to live up to our name. Below are Certificates of Compositions for all products, provided by a 3rd party company. 

If you are looking for purity testing on each and every batch, please see our certificate of analysis page. 


PhysiqueSeries FAT BURNERS

TL Fat Burner

Stim-Free Fat Burner



LEAN Strawberry Lemonade

LEAN Green Apple

LEAN Blue Raspberry 

STIM-FREE Blue Raspberry

STIM-FREE Strawberry Lemonade

STIM-FREE Green Apple

BULK Strawberry Lemonade

BULK Green Apple

BULK Blue Raspberry




Intra + StrengthSeries

Creatine HMB Blue Raspberry

Creatine HMB Unflavored

BCAA Glutamine Blue Raspberry 

BCAA Glutamine Green Apple

BCAA Glutamine Strawberry Lemonade

POST - Orange

POST - Black Cherry

CARB - Blue Raspberry

CARB - Tropical Punch 

CARB - Unflavored


Grass Fed WPI - Chocolate

Grass Fed WPI - Chocolate Peanut Butter

Grass Fed WPI - Vanilla 

Grass Fed WPI - Cereal Milk

Grass Fed WPC - Chocolate

Grass Fed WPC - Vanilla

Grass Fed WPC - Salted Caramel

Grass Fed Casein - Chocolate

Grass Fed Casein - Vanilla

Mass Gainer - Chocolate

Organic Vegan - Chocolate

Organic Vegan - Vanilla


Wellness Series

Prebiotic Greens 

Stim-Free Nootropics



Sleep Aid


Joint Support

Coenzyme Q10